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Etiquette Police Perhaps? December 11, 2006

Filed under: Etiquette Police — Willow @ 1:58 pm

I’m really starting to believe we need an etiquette police out there. You would give people tickets and their photo and name perhaps up on a website. In lieu of that ever happening, I thought today I would bring you my ticket violater of the day. First for shopping, the best award goes to the US Post office – I know, I know, but they were fast, helpful, polite and friendly, and they were all smiling. Congratulations!!!! The worst award for today goes to the Public Library, the El Sobrante branch which was quite a suprise. The gentleman behind the counter was grumpy, unhelpful and seemed to be quite annoyed that not only had I dared to check out something from the shelves but had 2 items on hold as well.

On an individual level, the award goes to a young 20 something woman driving a blue minivan with Jackie O’ type sunglasses in the parking lot of the El Sobrante Post Office. She pulled into a spot just as the car to her left was beginning to pull out. When she realized that she could not open her door all the way without hitting said other car, she began screaming at the car at the top of her lungs like a wild banshee. This of course caused the car to stop and stare at her, as did many folks in the parking lot, like she was an escapee from a mental hospital. Shame on you – learn some manners and how to behave in public.

Also the above winner, should also win an award for clothing etiquette – if you are going to wear hip heighth jeans, remember your stomach and love handles aren’t suppose to roll over the top of those pants. A double whammy.

Who else has a sighting?


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