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When did women stop sweating? December 11, 2006

Filed under: Health and Fitness — Willow @ 9:20 am

Ok, so I and a girlfriend of mine were both on the search for new sweatpants to actually exercise in. Perhaps that was the problem. We wanted typical sweatpants, no fancy writing, no fancy anything. Apparantely that’s a thing of the past. Who, really, who pays $20 for a pair of sweatpants? And thin ones at that? After many stores in many days, I discovered the endangered species at Kmart – but only in the plus size section. Real sweat pants for $6. Ok, so I’ll have to hem them a bit but that’s ok. Has society really dipped so low that today we accept that sweatpants are a fashion statement? That’s it ok to wear them other places than exercising or to bed? Really people, have some pride in your appearance, sweat pants are not the ok to wear everywhere, but wait, didn’t Ms. Spears where sweatsuit for something dealing with her wedding? Taste people taste – let’s try to get some. And for you stores – remember we’re a nation way, way out of shape – try actually carrying some clothes to get us back into shape too.


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