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When did women stop sweating? December 11, 2006

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Ok, so I and a girlfriend of mine were both on the search for new sweatpants to actually exercise in. Perhaps that was the problem. We wanted typical sweatpants, no fancy writing, no fancy anything. Apparantely that’s a thing of the past. Who, really, who pays $20 for a pair of sweatpants? And thin ones at that? After many stores in many days, I discovered the endangered species at Kmart – but only in the plus size section. Real sweat pants for $6. Ok, so I’ll have to hem them a bit but that’s ok. Has society really dipped so low that today we accept that sweatpants are a fashion statement? That’s it ok to wear them other places than exercising or to bed? Really people, have some pride in your appearance, sweat pants are not the ok to wear everywhere, but wait, didn’t Ms. Spears where sweatsuit for something dealing with her wedding? Taste people taste – let’s try to get some. And for you stores – remember we’re a nation way, way out of shape – try actually carrying some clothes to get us back into shape too.


Walking in the Rain November 2, 2006

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So today my walking partner and I hit a dilema. Rain. Real Rain for the second time since May. Luckily she is better informed than I am and we headed to the mall. It opens at 7 am to walkers so we walked several circuits on the upper level and met quite a few other walkers as well. I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed the mall that much. Of course I only go shopping there about once a year. The quality of shops has deteriorated so that there are very few shops that carry anything that I’m interested in. I mean, come on, no bookstore, I’d rather not go. 🙂


Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain!!! October 31, 2006

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Happy Holidays to all. May you have lots of treats and no tricks!
Tonight will be the trick or treaters here, but my friends and I already celebrated Samhain on Saturday night to fit into most of our schedules. One of my favorite things to do is the ancestor altar, where we all bring photos of people in our lives that have passed on and light a candle for them and then tell stories about them to all. It’s a really special time and a beautiful scene with all the candles and such.

I already saw several folks dressed up for their work day on my way back from my daily walk. Thru the website exercise friends, I found a walking partner and we meet at the local library and then walk for half an hour or so early in the morning. Today we saw 2 sets of wild bunnies along the walk. Last week we had to move to the other side of the street when we had 9 wild turkeys that had taken over part of the sidewalk!