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Give Me a Break (eyeroll inserted) November 2, 2006

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In an article on the Live Science website about Halloween it stated where many school across the country are stopping Halloween celebrations in the schools. Several of my friends with kids have said the same thing. It’s now a Fall Festival or something like that but no costumes are allowed. One the reasons the above article points out is that folks are trying to be PC to Wiccans and Pagans, and are afraid that we would be offended by kids in pointy hats and broomsticks. Ok, here I am, a Witch, a Pagan, and I’m going on record saying that it does NOT offend me if kids dress up like a witch on Halloween. Do doctors/nurses/firemen all get offended because kids dress up on Halloween in costumes of them? NO! This is taking PC way, way too far. Kids are suppose to be able to have fun. Dressing up for Halloween is fun. Don’t take this away from them simply under the guise of being more politically correct. You can take that way to far.

Another reason cited is that it offends several Christians because they see Halloween as a Pagan rooted holiday. To these folks I would like to point out, that yes, you are allowed to believe whatever you want, however, you might want to study your history because both Easter and Christmas have Pagan roots. So I take it you don’t celebrate those either?

Today most people consider Halloween a fun, exciting holiday. Stop trying to ruin it for us all by going on your soapboxes and denying kids simple fun. Remember life is to enjoyed and savored, not trudged through or spent walking on eggshells terrified that something might offend somebody. I’ve got news for you, no matter what you do, the world is big enough that you are going to offend somebody, you can’t not.


Why don’t more folks do this anymore?

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When I was down visiting hubby extrodinaire last week, we walked around his neighborhood towards his work and several of the houses really did it up for Halloween. Burbank Halloween house

Why don’t more folks do this anymore? Our house was decorated on September 30th so we could be festive for the whole month, and our next door neighbors did some really cool things as well, but nobody else on our road was decorated. That’s so sad. We should make time to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the seasons. If we don’t take the time to do it, then we ourselves are the losers and are the ones missing out.


Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain!!! October 31, 2006

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Happy Holidays to all. May you have lots of treats and no tricks!
Tonight will be the trick or treaters here, but my friends and I already celebrated Samhain on Saturday night to fit into most of our schedules. One of my favorite things to do is the ancestor altar, where we all bring photos of people in our lives that have passed on and light a candle for them and then tell stories about them to all. It’s a really special time and a beautiful scene with all the candles and such.

I already saw several folks dressed up for their work day on my way back from my daily walk. Thru the website exercise friends, I found a walking partner and we meet at the local library and then walk for half an hour or so early in the morning. Today we saw 2 sets of wild bunnies along the walk. Last week we had to move to the other side of the street when we had 9 wild turkeys that had taken over part of the sidewalk!