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May I help you please? December 5, 2006

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So I was out and about today doing some of those things that you just have to do during the month and of course since it’s December it was hectic. My question is, when did polite and knowledgeable customer service become an endangered animal? I won’t say extinct because I did have one fabulous service experience but for the rest of the rest of the day I wanted to bang my head against the walls.
Ok, dentist office first – because of a traffic accident this morning everyone arrived at their office 30-45 minutes late. They didn’t bother to call their morning appointments to let them know they were running behind schedule, nor did they tell us when we came in for our appointment. We only found out about it when we asked, after waiting for 20 minutes past the appointment time – umm hello?

I would also like to implore the owners of Costco, Sam’s club and other warehouse stores, how about Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes – to put turn signals on their carts – geesh you would think you were trying to live in a circus just trying to navigate. Wait scratch that, we can’t get folks to use their turn signals on their cars, why would they use them on shopping carts?

And while we’re on the subject of driving – who in their right mind decides to drive a wide-load truck, straddles two lanes to do it and does it during rush hour traffic – someone smack that guy.

Of course I also met up today with someone driving a bulldozer, at top speed, on my little road – in the frigging middle of the road around a curve – did I mention it turns out it was a county worker – I learned that after slamming on my brakes to avoid above head on collision to continue on to meet the dumptruck with the county emblem on the side also driving down the middle of the road at high speed. Lovely.


Argh! Mounting frustration

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So why on earth has it been a month since I could post? I was so excited about the new blog and then here we are a month later. So frustration at me. And also with my dentist. Now i love my dentist, it’s the front office staff that I want to strangle. They called me yesterday to remind me of my appt today. Only I had made the appt for tomorrow, Wednesday because I had both Tuesday and Thursday scheduled already. This is just the latest of the duhs! When I go in I have to reverify my phone numbers – I spent over 2 months with them trying to get them to update my phone number – how hard is it exactly to do that?? They may still not have it completely done. My favorite part was when they informed me of my work number – now they don’t have a work number because a lot of the places that I pick up work, it’s not a set schedule and I don’t get the use of the phone so why would they have a work number for me?? – get this, I had never heard of the number. Some poor guy out there has been getting calls for my dentist appointments for like 2 years now – once again duh! Is it just me or are all of you out there having similar problems with folks doing a piss poor job?

My walking buddy is in the same boat – she loves her dentist, a different one than mine, but twice now, has had the front office staff book her for appointments and when she gets there the office is closed because the dentist is out of the country – how in the hell do you mess that one up???

Grrr – isn’t there some work ethic about half ass jobs, and if there isn’t then let’s make one!