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Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain!!! October 31, 2006

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Happy Holidays to all. May you have lots of treats and no tricks!
Tonight will be the trick or treaters here, but my friends and I already celebrated Samhain on Saturday night to fit into most of our schedules. One of my favorite things to do is the ancestor altar, where we all bring photos of people in our lives that have passed on and light a candle for them and then tell stories about them to all. It’s a really special time and a beautiful scene with all the candles and such.

I already saw several folks dressed up for their work day on my way back from my daily walk. Thru the website exercise friends, I found a walking partner and we meet at the local library and then walk for half an hour or so early in the morning. Today we saw 2 sets of wild bunnies along the walk. Last week we had to move to the other side of the street when we had 9 wild turkeys that had taken over part of the sidewalk!