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A new week – new books to read December 11, 2006

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Well it’s a new week and I am so excited about the books I got from the library and from friends – I know, I know – Book Geek, extrodinare! I’ve got Helen Hath No Fury by Gillian Roberts, Edge of Danger by Cherry Adair, Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris and The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters.


Whew What a Week! December 10, 2006

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A friend of mine, Joy was talking about what a busy week it had been and I have to agree. Let’s see, so far this week I have read the book, A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole, listened to the book on cd by Gillian Roberts, Til the End of Tom and am halfway through the book on cd by Mary Janice Davidson, Undead and Unpopular. And I have 2 more awaiting me at the public library and one more here I haven’t started, plus about 50 from Kerre to read at least.

I made 9 or 10 baby hats for the Save the Children push for newborn hats to go overseas. I met my walking buddy monday through saturday this week – yea for me! Bottled 10 gallons of beer – that was 2 different types and made another 5 gallons that is happily fermenting away. I made up another batch of my Sacred Scent perfume, and finished a lot of holiday shopping, made a Costco run for the tribe, worked a cleaning job and an admin job this week, and gave my guest lecture that I generally give at the local college in the Comparative Religion class on Modern Paganism: Myths and Facts Revealed. And I still have today left – and yes I have ideas for all of it 🙂 Ok, that explains why I fell asleep in the bathtub the other night. How about you?


Needles to the ready December 7, 2006

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At a show a few days ago I was introducd to the current project of Save the Children. They are asking for tiny newborn hats – only 9 to 11 inches in circumference to send to some countries where many of the children die from cold and other problems. Their birth weight is much lower than we have here in the US, thus the size of the hats. They can be crocheted or knitted and I’ve figured out what loom to do my work on and have already knocked out 2 with a third on the way. Hats have to be sent in by Jan 2. Here’s a perfect way to use up all those little leftover balls of yarn. Needles ho!


Different Face December 5, 2006

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Ok, yes I changed the background here. The other one, while totally cool and felt perfect, just made it way, way too hard to read anything on the sides. So here’s for a new one that you can read everything.


Who Knew? November 2, 2006

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Ok, raise of hands. Who knew that the first Thursday in November was National Men Make Dinner Day? Anyone? Buler? Buler? Hello?


Strange and Bizarre October 31, 2006

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Ok, this has to be the oddest line I’ve come across on the web recently:
We are people, not genitals!


It’s new! October 30, 2006

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In light of the very soon to be Celtic New Year I thought that I would start my own online journal of a day and night in the life of a working Witch, a wife, an animal mom, a business owner, a friend, a working woman, a student, an artist, a farmer, a home improvement gal, and a writer. Egads no wonder I’m always so tired! 🙂